Filipino Wedding and Engagement Practices

During the plans for a Philippine wedding, a large number of traditional practices exist. Many of these are centuries old. But some are continue to practiced today. Some of these practices are also certain to places. Some of these practices are influenced by Christian and Catholic norms. Others tend to be native to Filipino customs.

The Filipino yugal can be described as traditional marriage ceremony ingredient. It is a silky cord or ribbon that is wrapped throughout the couple in the design of a number eight. filipino guy dating tips This kind of symbolism is a reminder that the couple will always be with each other.

The yugal can often be woven by the bride’s mother. It is also covered in an infinity symbol.

The yugal is an excellent luck symbolic representation, indicating that the couple should walk the earth together since equals. The infinity sign is also representational of timeless fidelity.

The yugal can even be woven with pearls. The infinity sign is often weaved with silk.

There are many other wedding customs that are historic, although there are some which might be still used today. Such as the kagen & taltag ceremony. This is a form of religious cleansing with regards to the couple. They will be asked to clear out any sins they have devoted before their very own wedding. They will also be given arras, a symbol of absolutely adore, care and prosperity.

The money boogie is a fun Filipino wedding ceremony tradition. Guests will pin number money onto the bride and groom. It is thought that the cash will bring all of them good luck and supply them with financial assistance.